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Master Levels for Doom II: The History and Design of the 21 New Levels

The master models were developed by Mortis-Gear, a group of level designers, modders, and graphics programmers that formed in late 1993. They originally published several map-levels of their own, such as Anubis (1993) and Oceans (1994), but continued to make a few more in the course of the following years, the last one being the explicit continuation of the level in Star Wars (1995) (since removed). The team claimed that they were still developing more maps, but in reality all of them were removed from the game afterwards. While a few of the maps have been released by the modders themselves after 1998, most of them are still only known of by their mod authors, as the game developer is obliged by law to prohibit their release.

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The Doom franchise is also notable for spawning a massively-popular community of speedrunners. While the series has received some criticism, the contest's popularity among speedrunners is almost certainly greater than among the series' players. They have also been notable for fast-paced action, level design, puzzles, and other visual factors. The series also spawned a number of articles by gaming magazine reviewers, some of whom consider it a strong predecessor to later first-person shooters. Several games also feature the 'Jump' and 'Crouch' keys. Players can use these to jump and crouch respectively, and they will usually hold these keys until the player decides to let them go. The jump feature is needed to accomplish some of the game's more difficult obstacles, such as those found in the final level.


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