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The Evidence Top BILLing Attorney Bill Frizzells letter to Attorney Donald Stoecklein You are aware that significant naked shorting of CMKX stock has occurred and the company is hereby requested to assist in the investigation to determine those that may be responsible for the illegal shorting and fails to deliver that are present in this stock. Our investigation into naked shorting convinces me there is a huge naked short.IF the only asset this company has is the Entourage stock, then the naked short is still a problem for the brokers and a potential asset for the shareholders because of the problems brokers will experience once the distribution takes place. If by some stroke of luck, there are other assets and the company begins to trade again, then the naked short becomes a real asset for the shareholders and real problem for the brokers with the shorts. The Task Force has now received certs in the name of certain brokerage companies. Our investigation reveals a potentially huge naked short position in at least two of the very companies that have sent us certs. The certs sent to the Task Force by the brokers represent billions of shares of CMKM stock. It is not the intention of the company to distribute Entourage stock to securities intermediaries and clearing houses for them to distribute the stock at their discretion. It is clear from the Regulation SHO records in conjunction with other sources (ADP, the transfer agent and the DTCC) that huge fails to deliver in this stock currently exist. It would be a breach of the fiduciary duty of the company to distribute these assets to a broker in lieu of its true beneficial owner when there is evidence of known fails to deliver occurring at the same brokerage house.

cmkx stock forum

CFRN Investigates: Interview with Bud Burrell Dwayne: Good morning. Today is Thursday December the 1st, 2005. And once again we are conducting a special edition of CFRN Investigates as we continue to investigate the allegations of fraud on Wall Street via naked short selling and counterfeit shares. We have with us again today as our guest industry consultant and expert Mr. Bud Burrell D: is CMKX a sting operation? BB: I believe that theres a component of what was going on with CMKXCasavant stumbled into a major asset find in SaskatchewanI smelled an asset raid. Many of the so-called naked short bankruptcies were created with the specific intention of trying to strip out a valuable asset from the hands of parties who controlled it through these small public companies D: can you comment on Robert Maheus involvement? BB: I do not know Mr. Maheu personally, but he and I am one step away from mutual friends He is a lifelong operator. I think his integrity is without questionI dont believe hes gone anywhere he wasnt sent. Its interesting. He entered the transaction after CITI-Group had one of their lawyers look into the company. I think they found substantial assets. I think what happened is that this panicked some of the major shorts in the stock. And there was too much seller boxing. Thats a term used to describe when the stock trades at .0001. But it trades enormous volume there And the bottom line is seller boxing to me is a principle signal of an attempt by someone to cause the change in control of an asset. D: Its also an easy way for somebody to double their money on every transaction. BB: Thats correct. Mostly the people trying to do it, who arent part of the market maker clearing- house system, are blocked from being allowed to participate. D: Okay. What can an investor do to protect himself or herself? BB: Take delivery of your certificatesDemand delivery. The certificate is what everybody understands. If you cant get the certificate, demand a written explanation from the broker let him know that youre going to hold him liable for any failure to deliver that cert. D: Now are you familiar with the Nevada Strike Force story and its connection to CMKX? BB I cant talk about what Im involved. I provided information to the Strike Force. Whats At Stake

The Audit Bill Frizzell Mr. Edwards has been in attendance at several meetings in which the progress of an audit was being discussed. Notes from the auditor suggest that Mr. Edwards had the complete stock book in his possession in January of this year. Although the shareholders do not know why Mr. Edwards would be in possession of the CMKX stock book, it seems clear there is cause for investigation on behalf of the company as to the propriety of such acts

For naked short selling, the trader does not borrow a stock, or does not determine that the stock can be shorted. Since the stock is not annotated as shorted, the stock can be shorted numerous times creating a multiplier effect. Examples...if the same stock is shorted twice, the multiplier effect is 2 times. If the same stock is shorted 9 times, then the multiplier is 9.

The Key Player Robert Maheu, public records indicate Mr. Maheu held four positions in CMKM Diamonds, plus voluntarily forfeited his $40,000 per month salary 1. co-Chairman CMKM Board of Directors 2. Head of CMKM Task Force 3. Chairman of the Audit Committee for CMKM 4. Trustee Statements made by Robert Maheu while serving with out pay as co-Chairman on CMKM Diamonds Board of Directors, Head of CMKM Task Force, and Chairman of the Audit Committee for CMKM. Solving problems has been my occupation for many years, Tough assignments are not solved by wishful thinking, but rather by tough action. A new team of securities attorneys has been instructed that their prime assignment is to correct any deficiencies of the past and to cooperate fully with regulatory bodies both in Canada and the United States to minimize the possibility of such deficiencies in the future. Like the SEC, protecting our investors is a primary concern. We have been aggressively gathering the essential information needed to comply with our public disclosure obligations and anticipate working with the SEC to ensure our compliance with all federal regulations, We are not letting these regulatory matters impede our primary focus of creating stockholder value through the mining and development of our mineral assets, When I joined the board one of my prime assignments was to improve corporate compliance. A prime component was to reinstate reporting status, which was efficiently and expeditiously handled by the Stoecklein Law Group, We are extremely appreciative of Stoecklein Law Groups immediate attention to our needs. I have worked with them in the past and they have always exceeded my expectations,. When I initially took on the assignment of assisting CMKM with its compliance needs, of primary concern was doing the right thing for the stockholders. I am fully committed to protecting the interests of bona fide CMKM stockholders, including if necessary, bringing appropriate federal or state court actions to ensure the appropriate distribution of the Entourage shares is made. We faced a tremendous number of hurdles, including the trading halt, administrative hearing and let down of numerous professionals. However, with the continued commitment of Urban Casavant and diligent professionalism of Stoecklein Law Group, we are trying to overcome the obstacles of the past and look forward into the future towards distributing value to CMKMs bona fide stockholders. This is a time for the CMKM stockholders to look forward towards the future and forget the past. Working as a united front will allow us to extract all available sources of value for distribution.

The SEC Complicity Jonathan Katz, Secretary of the S. E. C., revoked St. Georges (SGGM) registration and granted CMKM Diamonds request to be revoked on the same day and at the same time, with CMKM document number 34-52694 followed by SGGM document number 34-52695? Are SGGM and CMKX connected together? And why would Jonathan Katz take the time from his busy schedule to take care of this matter concerning two pink stocks?

The Task This is not just about distribution of shares and a few dollars, but also any other available assets of CMKM. What other available assets are there, which would require the approval of a Federal Court. Why would you need Robert Maheu, Donald Stoecklein, Bill Frizzell, support personnel, and a Federal Court to distribute ETGMF Shares and a few dollars for a pink stock company? Companies distribute stock dividends all the time without the Federal Courts approval.

The Roundup CMKM Diamonds Inc, becomes a private company and has a certificate pull, the largest in the history of the stock market. The company is private, therefore cannot be accused of manipulating the stock price, and the perpetuators are left standing holding the counterfeit shares. Pure genius

The FBI Connection The FBI handles Internet fraud, which includes stock scams. The FBI works through mutual agreement with the host country (reference Quick Facts about the FBI below from the FBIs website). The FBI has offices in Canada. Our international presence currently consists of our Legal Attach offices, commonly known as Legats. The Legats and smaller sub-offices are located in more than 70 key cities worldwide, providing coverage for more than 200 countries, territories, and islands. Each office is established through mutual agreement with the host country and is situated in the U.S. embassy in that nation.

Urbans Cons Con-trolled vast amount of claims in an area of one of the Worlds most lucrative mineral deposits, uranium, and oil reserves. Con-tents in the claim areas were located and identified using Airborne Magnetic Survey. Con-tainment of all 600,000,000 Million personal shares of CMKI by locking up the shares with the TCC in order to protect and increase shareholder value. Con-solidated claims under CMKI, CMKM/CIM. Con-nected CMKXtreme Racing to GOT CMKX resulting in a successful advertising campaign and a formidable force to be reckoned with, 40,000 plus Stockholders. Con-siderate individual, taking care of visitors at the races and children at the childrens hospital. Con-flict free diamonds and minerals promotion. Con-fronted the NSS issue. Con-quered the upper hand from counterfeiters by hiring Mr. Roger Glenn and Mr. Donald Stoecklein, both exceptional Federal Securities Attorneys. Con-ditioned the atmosphere by bringing in the Master Negotiator, Mr. Robert Maheu. Con-tinued the constant pressure on the guilty parties associated with the counterfeiting by issuing shareholders of record CIM, USCA, and GEMM dividends. Con-sented to donating his familys and his portion of ETGMF dividends to Bona Fide Stockholders. Con-tacted Stockholders via USA Today, PR, and Task Force that a cert pull is in progress to identify Bona Fide Stockholders for asset distributions. Con-verted suspect shares to certified shares and personally paid the expenses incurred by the Task Force expenses in the largest certification pull in the US Stock Market by a single company. Con-vinced the government that there is a counterfeiting problem and that we are not going away. Con-cealed information to protect valuable assets. Con-solidated promising, productive claims. Con-cerned about stockholders, awaiting attorneys approval to communicate Con-tingent plan, The Interpleader. Con-ferred the CEO position to Shareholder Kevin West. Con-veyed in PRs for stockholders to visit the SEC site. SCAM? 041b061a72


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