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Before you download this theme, you must know some minimum requirements to use this theme. The first is that the recommended PHP version is 7.x or higher. Then MySQL with version 5.6 is the minimum version. mod_rewrite must be active, cURL must be supported by the server, upload_max_filesize must be 8Mb or higher.

Download File

Before downloading this nulled plugin, make sure that you are using the latest version of WordPress. Use PHP version 7.0 or higher to get good performance. Using an old version is not recommended, because the performance of the plugin will not be optimal.

Before downloading and using this nulled theme, make sure the version on your wordpress is version 5.0 or later. It is recommended to use PHP version 7.0 or higher. Do not use older versions so that the performance of the theme is not affected.

Make sure that you are using the latest version of WordPress before downloading this theme. You can use PHP version 7.3 or higher, and MYSQL version 5.6 or MariaDB version 10.1. Remember to update the plugins you use to the latest versions as well to ensure optimal usage. 041b061a72


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