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Where To Buy Ziploc Perfect Portions

Have you ever struggled with forgetting to take out that frozen product in enough time for your meal. and then you have a product that is all stuck together and you need a chisel just to get them apart. Well the solution has just come on the market.New Ziploc Perfect Portions Bags are perfect for storing and freezing individual bulk portions of chicken and meats and other food products for easy use at a later date. It is a bag that you place your hand in, grab your product in your desired serving size and then place the individual portions in a big Ziploc Brand Freezer bag. You can then freeze your own individual portions for easy use, no more chisel required. Great product, and will save me a lot of frustration, as frozen stuck together products is a big pet peeve of mine. Thanks Ziploc !!

where to buy ziploc perfect portions



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