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Uranium Backup 9 Gold V9.4.2 Build 6714 Serial Key Keygen

Version 23.12.2020Info:-After the update the "one Ring" will give you over time a lot of perm warp. Better not wear this ring for a longer time in the future.New Mods:-Forgelin 1.8.4-GTNH-Modmixins 0.0.3-Witchery Extras 1.0.1.jarRemoved Mods:-Aquacreeper 1.0.1Mod Upgrade:-Adventurebackpack 0.9-h15-GTNH-AngerMod-1.7.10-0.6.1-Appliedenergistics2 rv3-beta-35-Bartworks 0.5.14-Better Questing 3.0.337-GTNH-Binnie Mods 2.1.2-GTNH-Blood Magic 1.3.3-43-Carpenter's Blocks 1.7.00-Craft Tweaker 3.2.2-GTNH-Electro Magic Tools IO beta-Enhanced Loot Bags 1.0.4-Eternal Singularity-1.0.4b-Extra Cells 2.4.6b9-Forestry 3.0.22-GTNH-full-GalaxySpace-1.1.7-GTNH-Gregtech Scanner Mod 1.5.9-Hardcore Ender Expansion 1.8.7-Holoinventory 2.1.5-beta-GTNH-Iguana Tinker Tweaks Mobs-1.7.2-GTNH-Irontanks 1.2.0-Jabba 1.2.7-Kekztech 0.5.2-Magicbees 2.5.5-GTNH-Natura 2.4.1-dev-Nodal Mechanics 1.1-4-GTNH-Not Enough Items 2.0.6-GTNH-Open Blocks 1.6.3-Open Computers Glasses-1.1-GTNH-Open Modular Turrets-2.2.11-245-Pam's Harvestcraft Lb-1.0.2-GTNH-ProjectRed-1.7.10-4.7.0pre13.9-SGCraft 1.13.8-GTNH-Special Mobs 3.3.7-Spice Of Life 2.0.0 carrot-beta-6-Standard Expansion 3.0.183-GTNH-Steves Factory Manager A97-GTNH-Tinkers Construct- 4.10.0-Thaumic Based 1.4.23-0-Thaumicenergistics Exploration 1.1.75-0-Thaumic Horizons Gear-1.16.7-Twilightforest Singularities-8.6.2-WAILA Plugins Theory 1.1.0-GTNH-Wireless Crafting Terminal- Gadgets 1.2.13Mod Changes:Adventurebackpack 0.9-h15-GTNH-fix Forestry Worktable + Traveller's Backpack crashing gameAngerMod-1.7.10-0.6.1-mobs don't explode on spikesAppliedenergistics2 rv3-beta-35-Update cards.recipe-Add recipes for Pattern Capacity Card. The recipe matches the existing one written through the code.-Crafting only extract energy when it was able to push the pattern.-Fixed Waila header-fix Interface should not try to craft negative amounts-GT EU P2P support. Partial credits to Ultramine author.-Simplified GT EU P2P, to be ampere/voltage transparent-Added ability to rename AE blocks/parts in-place-P2P may be renamed and the name is visible in Waila-Write p2p name to the memory card-GT power sink added-Energy buffer sizes increased with usage multiplier-Experimental timing support for some AE tiles-Network tool shows wrong power drain in tooltip-GT power sink was returning left amperes instead of used-Formation plane fixed for parts and fireworksBartworks 0.5.14-Added Special interface-fix(Bartworks)recipes fixing two recipes Formic Acid Creates Sodium/Sulfur Positive Loop #6437-Renamed Casings-added GT++ warning-updated TT-fixed forestry capsules-fixed eic-Split WerkstoffLoader into seperate Files-Fixed overclock underflow-Fixed TT debug code-Fixed autogenerated Casings-Change max height to 56 Since 5x11(max DT outputs)=55+1(for bottom)=56. Unless I'm missing something. Or did it wrong.-Repaired FloodGate-ompletely overhauled flood-gate-UpdatedGradle to 5.6.4-Fixes Server Crash-Fixes a bug where only 1Item is in stack-Quick render crashfix-Update Fix CAL Overclocking issuesBetter Questing 3.0.337-GTNH-Changed scroll to zoom logic to be more practical-Improved scroll to mouse-Add mod option to zoom in/out to cursor. Setting these to false will make zooming behave more like the normal BQ version, except with multiplier zoom.-Fit designer view to quest line upon opening-Don't lerp X/Y in designer either (zoom becomes weird with it)-Fit view to questline contents on opening designer (as normal gameplay questline does)-Add button to zoom to fit in designer as well, in case you get lost-Possible fix for wrong time-Add tooltip warning while edit mode enabled-Add new visuals for quests that can be repeated-Fix typo in en_US.lang-Add confirmation dialog to claim all button-Add claimAllConfirmation to config-Add "Yes, always" claim all option-Fix config entry description-Quick fix for crash with repeatable quests with lines attached-Extend quest api-Fix for tooltipBinnie Mods item nameBOP 2.1.2-GTNH-Update fps increase. It is not useful to calculate 1600 times per frame only to get newest fogx and fogz. 10% chance of this calculate per frame in another thread will be fine.-Update giant fir tree plantable and 5 fir sampling to grow. It is a BOP fix mod content but that mod uses asm and is a coremod.Blood Magic 1.3.3-43-added a way to define meteors in json in config/BloodMagic/meteors/ - added BM meteor 'cost' to MineTweaker API-try to update BM to newest Craft tweaker versionCarpenter's Blocks server crash when safe is broken by another player during usage. [vagola]Chisel-release-17-GTNH-Add missing localizations-Remove chiseling to 2nd type-Add more durable chisel (Netherstar)-fix name-add scrolling to chisel gui when variants do not fit screenCoreMod 1.7.00-Added remaining Bacteria from Binnie's to GT Brewing machine-Confirm the recipes are working and crafted fluid is accepted by Binnie's Machines.-Update voltage to be a more suitable number?-info(Core Mod) add info Text-add Quest Book info text to starting menu-change(Computronics)recipes-put the un nerfed recipes in Core Mod Code-feat(Core Mod)add more Autoclave recipes-add new Autoclave recipes using molten void and a output of 100%-Adjust distilled water amount crystal #6405-Add deploader functionality-1. Load stuff to download from config/dependencies.json. Format is as below.-Add ore dictionary for sand and red sand to craft unfired coke bricks. Issue 6623.-feat(iron Tanks)add gt recipes into code-fix(iron Tnaks)recipes-fix LUV-UEV Scanner recipes-addition(IC2)add recipes for Neutron Reflector-Add alternate recipes for reflector parts for mass crafting #6719-Chlorine cleaning of pistons-Fix name of α Centauri Bb dust, there is no A, regardless of what the internal name is-Add oredict tag to CentauriASurfaceDust-I'm not sure if this just add the dustSpace, or the planet one as well, but it's a step forward if it works? See -Hide some items in NEI-Nerfed PRS Blast Resistance-Added warning about FQ and PRS-fix wrong PA meta-fix the wrong meta range for thermal centrifuge and centrifuge cousing the there recipe maps to be switched when using LuV+-Reuse warding focus when crafting warded glass-forge bus not needed-100 -> 144 for pico wafer-improve-wet/bio-ware-recipe-addForestry) Info Text-Things that need fixing in the dev version #6887-Add ore registry handling for new Enceladus Ice-move coble imlosion recipe-line wrap change, add details-make growth medium cheaper on higer tier fluid-Added ardite ingot to block recipe in the compressor-make some agar recipe cheaper-make bio processor assline recipe better-some time improvment on neuro circuits-Add macerating recipe to encel ice for slush, rename ice dust to slush-Check for GT++ jar properly, also fix DEgg enderium #4410-#6401 Add oxygen-Update to move TC metals to Core Mod-Try a fix for Tinkers Aluminium Brass.-Witchery integration first step-The Large TinkerScript move-Fix cauldron NPE-change kettle recipe for Infusion of Otherwhere-Add new chest loot to tf chests-add(TF)add loot to Hill and Tower chests-changed where the loot tables are loaded-feat(Gravisuit)Relocator got Ass Line recipe-Fix cauldron recipe addition-Add helper methods to remove kettle recipe-add(Witchery)Kettle and Spinning Wheel recipe-fix(Witchery)Chalk Cauldron recipes change-Change multi TT to new format-add(Tinkers Construct)Gel to rubber ecipes-added Gel to rubber recipe for Gren and Blue Slime Block-Fix Aluminum Brass in AlloySmelter-change(IC2)fix electric Tree Tap recipe-change elecric Hoe to LV-add(Steves Carts, Translocator, DE)implossion compressor recipe to codeCraft Tweaker 3.2.2-GTNH-Remove other versions & Add java 8 compat-Remove MFR support; Bump version & add GTNH-Speedup - Inspired by the 1.12 version-Added Overloads-This is why i should init submodules.Electro Magic Tools the one ring as chest loot-change(EMT)change text in config-Makes the One Ring add warp to the player as well-Update a better tooltip.-wings don't boost if you sneak-mirrored change for infused chestplateEnder IO beta-Update performance profiling I found -TileEntityFurnace.getItemBurnTime(item); -is computationaly expensive. It occupied almost a cpu core forever, because NEI starts a task thread every few seconds and this line of code keep iteraing through all the furnance recipe in GTNH. -Besides, usually the result of this computation is not useful.-Add thread name check will help performance and will not influence the player.-if (!Thread.currentThread().getName().startsWith("Client Thread")) return false;-Update increase Client Side ItemConduit performance. (20% fps increase if have 100 - 200 item conduit in render area, these are lag-spikes.)-EnderIO Conduits are very laggy, partly because Redstone/fluid/gas Conduits causing RenderChunks re-render back and forth. But if there is only one ItemConduit in the bundle, it is pretty sure that we only need to re-render ItemConduit near the player , because only player's behavior range (5) can change the shape of ItemConduit. -But if there is another conduit in the bundle, the re-render is not sure because Redstone conduit in the bundle might needs to re-render in any time. So in this case I left to default.-Hide in NEI-Change fused quartz blast resistance 2000 -> 20-Ignore dead entities-Added forestry sapling support to farm station Cherry picked & backported from 1b242dc2d786b8c1fb545845768faa1f6c15818a-Initial support for channels on EnderFluidConduits-This is pretty basic support for channels. There's plenty of room for optimizations in the network logic.-Add round-robin button to ender conduit-Update * Fix missing } after merge-Make icons explicitly reference the fields from ItemConduit.-Sync settings layouts for fluid conduits and item conduitsEnhanced Loot Bags 1.0.4-Fix above max stack size ItemStack being givenEternal Singularity-1.0.4b -Fixed: easyMode. Compound Singularities.Extra Cells 2.4.6b9-review fix-fix ec2 voiding some part of items when inserting in more than one slots-Enable early regex detection, so that split would not break them.-fixed driver detection code-fix fluid terminal scroll event-backported Oredictionary Export Bus extended pattern matching updated ThaumicEnergistics integration downgrade ae version for build in jenkins-Update zh_CN.langForestry IC2-Crop-Module (Uranium)-Changed Lang repo-updated lang submoduleGadomancy research needed for armor disguise-commented out laggy codeGalacticraft 3.0.22-GTNH-full-feat(Galacticraft)New Oxygen Tank-first attemp to add new bigger Oxygen Tank-fix(Galacticraft)adding missing Container item texture-fix(Glacticraft)Tanks, Capacity-fix rendering Oxygen Tanks left, right-change Canister capacity 900 to 1000-Update performance profiling, this is an important Server Lag spike-(Server totally no response for 3s in every 30s, even in SSP), -because of the function it calls has many for's and IOs, and this kind of file-saving for should be fine in another thread.-I used this modified version for about 1 year and no problem happened.-Update performance profiling ,this reflection here occupies 3% of all the cpu time of Client Thread, resulting 3% fps drop. So this change makes fps increase by 3%.-This is a code fragment of ancient version of GC and should be removed.-fix(Gradle)exclude planet files-now planet files should be added to dev build-Update performance profiling, this change makes fps gain by 2%.-it is not useful to iterate through all the tileentities in the world in every frame, just renew it once per second is OK.-fix(Galacticraft)add import-adding missing import class-removed recipes handled by GalaxySpace-removed registration of schematics-change Moon Buggy, Cargo Rocket and Astro Miner recipes-fixed Astro Miner-reintegrated Moon Buggy, Cargo Rocket and Astro Miner recipes with chest back into the NASA workbench-NEI integration for Moon Buggy, Cargo Rocket and Astro Miner-made text in NASA Workbench visible-made setting the dimID of celestial bodies without providing a WorldProvider possible-remove setDimensionID again, did not work-Makeshift solution to bypass isCalledBy-This will drastically speed up sun brightness calculation-Remove isCalledBy. Same function moved to ModFixesGalaxySpace-1.1.7-GTNH-[fix] added missing TileEntittySolarPanal and TileEntitySolarWind classes-[fix] moved assets to the correct folder & fixed decompiling errors-made dungeon-chests and -keys tiering inline with GC3-implemented custom recipes-added "Rocketadded temporary schematic backgrounds for rockets T1-T8-added remaining Control Circuit recipes-added/updated NASA workbench temporary backgrounds-replaced System.out.println() with proper logging-Update rocket overhaul-removed all Moon Buggy, Cargo Rocket and Astro Miner related classes-reintegrated all rocket recipes with chests back into the NASA workbench-updated schematic/control computer recipes-added recipes for Solar Wind Panel and Hybrid Solar Panel-fix game crashing on loading an Evolved Fire Creeper-shearing Seaweed drops also all above Seaweed (fixes #3084))-host iron chests on GTNH page-Lander items and Small Fuel Canister are now stackable-replaced "galaxyspace" String with GalaxySpace.ASSET_PREFIX-reworked schematic recipes-added Robot Arm item-made spacesuit stronger (#6550)-fix some planet blocks not mineable with a pickaxe (#1014, #2820)-maybe fix "Actual version Galaxy Space: 0.0.0" in logs-Update textures by Housten NASA Workbench-various texture adjustments/additions-NEI Integration-fixed Rocket T6 NEI recipe Booster missalignment-made texts in NASA Workbench better visible-made texts in NASA Workbench better visible-texture(GS)change Robot Arm texture-Fix enities crashing on load (#6714)-Fixed game crashing on loading GS entities (working)-added all Future Glass variants to blockGlass-adjusted voltages for Circuit Assembler recipes-achievements rework [WIP]-adjust ingredients for Control Computer items-FluidRegistry.getFluidStack -> Materials.*.getFluid-boss class name unification-micdoodle8.mods.galacticraft.core.util.GCLog -> galaxyspace.GalaxySpace-added achievements for death by thermal and by rocket crash-added atmospheric pressure as damage source-added achievement logic-localizations for achievements-achievement icons for bosses-replaced FMLLog.log calls-adjusted boss health values-Enceladus surface generation adjustment-changed the name of Enceladus Ice to Enceladus Snow-added a new Enceladus Ice block-changed second generation layer of Enceladus from Packed Ice to new Enceladus Ice-3.141592653589793 -> Math.PI-Added ability to actually create Space Stations-made config classes more readable-recipe balancing of T2 & T3 Control Computer-moved CC recipes to assembler-Add textures by AceMuffins-Disable Mars and Venus Space Station again-Add batch of textures by Spluff-Add new Control Computer textures by SpluffGregtech not change visually when mode changes to step up-Fixed average EU input/output display-Rework clientside pollution (#302)-Rework clientside pollution-Pollution rework-feat(Gregtech) add Raw DD Portal Block for DD Infusion recipe-remove DD Port


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