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[S5E2] One Man Down

Angela did her diligence by teasing Bradford about why he was at Lucy's place when everything went down. And Lucy poured all of her attention into Chris' healing because she felt guilty and genuine affection for him.

[S5E2] One Man Down

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This sends Our Guy into a rage. He angrily rants about mass obsession with smartphones and apps such as Smithereen, pointing out that if Passenger had bothered to put his phone down for a moment he might not be zip-tied in the back of a car right now. Passenger takes this moment of hysteria as an opportunity to make a run for it, but his tied hands throw off his balance and he falls over just a few feet away. Our Guy collects his hostage and tries shove him into the trunk of the other car. Even with the trunk closed, Passenger can be heard screaming about his fear of small spaces, so Our Guy allows him to lay down in the backseat with a cloth bag over his head.

Chris and his fiance Tamsin had been driving home after visiting his sick mother the night of the accident. Tamsin was asleep in the passenger seat and Chris was driving. He got bored as they made their way down an empty road, and took a moment to look at a Smithereen notification on his phone. It was at that moment that their car collided with that of a drunk driver. It took Tamsin 2 months to die, and although everyone blamed the drunk driver, Chris blames himself. And Smithereen.

Back on El-Adrel IV, Picard sits down next to a dying Dathon near the fire and asks him about Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra. It seems that Darmok and Jalad were two legendary travelers, strangers who faced and defeated a common enemy on the island of Tanagra. Picard realizes that Dathon knew of the creature on El-Adrel IV and brought them both here so that they could re-enact the events between Darmok, Jalad, and "the Beast" at Tanagra. Dathon's hope was that by facing a common enemy, the two sides could learn to understand one another and bring the two species closer together. Now that Picard understands how the Tamarians communicate, Dathon wants to hear one of his stories. Picard, at first, tells Dathon that he is not much of a storyteller and that he probably would not understand it anyway. Despite this, Picard begins to recite an old story from Earth, very similar to that of Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra, about Gilgamesh and Enkidu at Uruk, and how two enemies became friends through hardship. Dathon appears impressed and amused by Picard's story. Dathon dies during the night, but not in vain, as he has become the first Tamarian to successfully establish communications between his people and the Federation.

Deacon, Luca, Tan, Chris, and Street talk about Hondo, and all feel he is not coming back; all feel woeful about what is coming next, but they are all getting a squad alert at the same time; they meet with Hicks and Rocker who informs them they are heading out to a bank robbery in East LA; Hicks is calling 50 and 20 squads, Rocker informing Tan that he goes with 20 squads as 50 squads can handle a man down. Deacon explains what their last right is like, tells them to fill the gaps and stay liquid and make Hondo proud.

Grissom has Catherine and Warrick traverse the storm drain to find out where the victim may have come from. They eventually come across another dead body. To their surprise, however, the homeless man awakens, upset that his nap has been disturbed. The man doesn't recognize the victim from his photo, telling Warrick that bad things can happen to people who don't belong down there. As she wades deeper into the drain, Catherine finds a pair of aqua socks. She notes that the aqua socks are a bit upscale for a homeless person and wonders if they belong to the victim, who was barefoot. The question still remains: why was the victim down in the drain in the first place? Catherine and Warrick travel further into the storm drain. At another junction in the storm drain, they find a bottle of sunscreen tied to a lanyard; Catherine notes that it ties in with the aqua socks.

As Doc Robbins lays out the recovered bones in the lab, Catherine and Warrick head back to the sewers. Warrick watches the cameras, while Catherine flushes the drains. They eventually find a pelvis fragment and two humerus bones. Warrick notes that the residential sewer lines are only four inches in diameter and they make a 90-degree turn before they reach the main; therefore, there's no way the bones could've come from one of the nearby houses. They figure they're getting close and check another vault down the street. There, they hit the jackpot, finding most of a human skeleton. Warrick climbs down the sewage vault; halfway down, he notices a stain on the walls that looks like it came from a waterline. He sprays Florazine on the walls and finds a positive reaction, indicating blood or feces. They guess that a whole body was thrown down the vault, which blocked the pipes. This caused the water to rise, leaving the waterline. As the body decomposed, the water receded and passed through the pipes, taking some of the smaller bones along for a ride. The previous theory of a grave robber disposing of his bones is ruled out; they're looking for a murderer.

Nick goes through the missing persons database, entering the necessary information. There are three matches within a two mile radius of where the body was found; however, none of the children have been missing for more than eleven months. Catherine notes that the condition of the bones suggest that the body was decomposing for two years, so Nick expands the radius to five miles. Meanwhile, Grissom is performing an experiment and asks Greg to do his business (both #1 and #2) to aid the experiment. Grissom explains to him that the ambient temperature in the sewer was 80 degrees and that the corrosive chemicals down there caused the body to decompose faster than normal; he wants to find out how much faster.

Brass talks to one of the people in the neighborhood; the guy complains that pets have gone missing and that some kids enjoy throwing fireworks down the sewer in the middle of the night. However, nobody saw a body get thrown down the manhole. Several people suggested to Brass that he talk to high school student Owen Durbin, a neighborhood bully. Brass speaks to Owen's father, Roger, and gains entry into the house by handing him a warrant to search the premises based on the fireworks usage. Sara, Warrick and Brass are reluctantly let into the house, which doesn't exactly appear to be "family friendly." Brass finds several boxes of different calibers of ammo, indicating that there are multiple weapons somewhere in the house; Warrick comes across one of them when he finds a loaded shotgun under the living room couch. Sara finds blood on the stairs, leading Brass to exit the house and amend the warrant for blood evidence. Despite being told that they can't search until Brass comes back, Sara and Warrick head upstairs. Sara opens a closet door and Warrick soon alerts her to the fact that the closet is booby trapped with a shotgun and six pipe bombs; one of the bombs is tied to a fishing rod. Warrick has Sara slowly back away from the closet and calls the bomb squad. However, Sara sees blood evidence on the door and wants to collect it before the bomb squad destroys the scene. The two of them are able to pull the door from its hinges while not disturbing the pipe bomb.

The episode was watched by approximately 2.29 million American viewers on its original broadcast, down from its series-high ratings of 2.93 million viewers the previous week.[4] This viewer count was later matched by "'Fifty-One". is your TV show guide to Countdown Jersey Shore Episode Air Dates and to stay in touch with Jersey Shore next episode Air Date and your others favorite TV Shows. Add the shows you like to a "Watchlist" and let the site take it from there.

At night, Bernard is still attempting to get a fire going, while the other survivors wait impatiently, especially Neil. Charlotte says she has a headache still and that she forgot her mother's maiden name earlier, a fact that Daniel doesn't seem to find odd. Charlotte asks if he knows what's happening to her. Before he can answer, Miles strolls out the jungle with a dead boar, saying he found it. Neil begins to insult the survivors about their current predicament, complaining that, among other things, they can't even start a fire, and is suddenly hit in the chest with a flaming arrow. Suddenly, the camp is set upon by a rain of fiery arrows from an unseen enemy, later revealed to be the Others. The survivors begin to run into the jungle, with both Miles and Sawyer narrowly escaping. As they escape, several other survivors are shot down.

Despite Sawyer's attempts to reason with him and provide the information he wants, "Jones" orders one of the other men (labeled "Mattingly") to cut Juliet's hand off, while she is held down by the third man ("Cunningham"). Suddenly, stones fly through the air, knocking "Jones" and "Mattingly" over, and Juliet grabs one of their guns. Just as "Mattingly" gets up with a knife and is about to attack Sawyer, another knife flies through the air, killing him.

I can't say I blame Rick or the rest of the group for wanting to give DC a try. The prospect of food and shelter someplace safe from this chaos is too good to turn down, right? And what do they have to lose? It's not like they have anywhere else to go. Except...

Daryl hasn't forgotten Beth, however. He spotted a car that looks like the one he saw hauling it down the road when Beth disappeared. He promptly knocked out the tail lights of the car he and Carol were using and the two took off after it. So perhaps they'll track Beth down before they all start heading north.

While Mulder is gone, the "Cigarette Smoking Man" searches Mulder's apartment, believing he is not dead. Scully does some research into the phone record to the FBI, coming to the conclusion that Ostelhoff was calling Skinner. Mulder meanwhile continues through the Department of Defense Headquarters finding more fake alien bodies inside. He heads through a tunnel to The Pentagon, where he finds an elaborate filing system and warehouse of evidence, ultimately tracking down a small metal vial that he believes may contain Scully's cure. 041b061a72


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