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Vintage Kustom Amp Serial Numbers

Model numbers are normally found on the serial-number plate located on the. Kustom K150-7 2x12 Guitar Amplifier Rare Vintage Serial #79642 LOCAL PICKUP ONLY For sale now we have a Kustom K150-7 2x12 Guitar amplifier. The serial number for this unit is 79642 as advertised. This amp has been tested and it is in working order. Also the right bass. This is a Kustom K200.Kustom Amplifiers, based in Chanute, Kansas, are of course known mainly for their 'tuck and roll' amps but like other amplifier manufacturers it was almost inevitable that they would want to develop their own line of electric guitars.This Kustom K200 is an example of the guitars bearing the Kustom brand name, which were only produced between 1968 and 1969. Apr 05, 2012 I found a list of serial numbers and dates of manufacture for old Kustom amps. It looks like the Frankenstein era is 1965 - 1967. K200 A and B series with the classic tuck n roll and face plates just after Frenkenstein run from 1967 to 1971.

Vintage Kustom Amp Serial Numbers

I can help with that. Let's start by getting some pictures of your guitar. Serial numbers on Gibson and Fender guitars can be very misleading so I've got to see what your guitar looks like in order to inform a serial number or factory order number.


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