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Blue Jay Studios Drum Sound Library Download Free ^NEW^

Picture wise, the Blue Jay drums were originally recorded by choosing the best spots throughout the score and adapting the drums to fit those spots. This is time consuming and that's why I have selected a set of drums from each of the tracks that will work best. But I've still have to record my drums on every track, or with a few exceptions on every track. Hence why the drum tracks are not always perfect. The drums were also recorded at different places, at a slightly different mic position, at a slightly different levels of the piano part. Some of the drums were recorded with a second mic and a few of them were recorded through channels that were designed to raise the piano sound a bit (and hence the drums a bit).

blue jay studios drum sound library download free

A track consists of one drum track and a pad track, or two pad tracks (for each side of the stereo part). You can easily join the tracks together in the mixer. The one thing to remember is that we don't use any compression. One of the reasons we don't is because the drums were recorded before and the room was empty. In this way the drums sounds are a little raw, which helps to give a better stereo feel to the drum tracks. The ambient sounds/pads are not compressed and hence the sound is not over-compressed and distorted. The only master compression on all the tracks is on the stereo mix.

These are full loops. So there is no need for any multi-track, or repetitive programming. To sum up, you can find all the electronic drums at the bottom of this page, and can download them instantly, by signing up to my newsletter.


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