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Garbage, Version 2.0 Full Album 36 EXCLUSIVE

Version 2.0 was released in Japan on May 4, 1998, a week ahead of the international street date, to counteract parallel imports. The album was released in two editions, a standard album with a bonus remix of "Push It" by Boom Boom Satellites and a limited run of 20,000 copies featuring two international B-sides, "Lick the Pavement" and a cover version of Big Star's "Thirteen".[11] Version 2.0 debuted at number four in the Japanese international album chart.[16]

Garbage, Version 2.0 full album 36

Version 2.0 received critical acclaim.[35][36] In a review for Time magazine, Christopher John Farley found its music exceptional because of songs that are gloomy and sexual yet lively and introspective,[37] while J. D. Considine of The Baltimore Sun said the album is a more melodic version of the approach exhibited on Garbage, and commended the songwriting and Manson's multifaceted singing.[27] Chicago Tribune critic Greg Kot believed its mix of pop and electronica has an "ersatz charm", while the noisy production retains Garbage's tuneful hooks.[38] Barry Walters of Spin felt the songs are better developed than on the band's debut, while showcasing their passionate, avant-garde sounds and Manson's personalized yet relatable lyrics.[32] According to Jim Farber of Entertainment Weekly, Manson's vocal presence elevates the unexpected sounds and makes the songs "more than just clever exercises in avant-pop".[28] Rob Sheffield, writing in Rolling Stone, said the songwriting has improved, but Manson remains the highlight, her seductive, emotive singing evoking new wave greats and appropriating the band's complex sounds into a well-crafted, original rock album.[30] Donna Freydkin of CNN commended the album for enhancing, not departing from, the style of the debut, and praised the amalgam of sounds and Manson's "clever, biting lyrics".[12] In a column for The Village Voice, Robert Christgau concluded that the metallic, discordant music suits Manson's aggressive sexuality and allows listeners to experience sadomasochism vicariously through "12 impregnable theoretical hits".[34] Jane Rocca of The Age praised it as a "personality loaded" sonic spectacle and concluded that it "salutes the new millennium with futuristic nuance".[25] Billboard writer Paul Verna said the group has expanded the possibilities on an impressive upgrade to their debut.[39] John Pecorelli of CMJ New Music Monthly felt that the album noticeably deviates from the style of Garbage as it is more melodious, more saturated, and features enhanced percussion, while its lyrical themes make it arguably more subversive.[6]

This latest version will also include changes to amiibo, changes to multiplayer, changes to Splatfest, many other changes, and a number of fixes. Here's the full rundown, courtesy of Nintendo's official support page: 350c69d7ab


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