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Air Assault 2 Cheats [TOP]

Note: The cheats and tricks listed above may not necessarily work with your copy of the game. This is due to the fact that they generally work with a specific version of the game and after updating it or choosing another language they may (although do not have to) stop working or even malfunction.

Air Assault 2 Cheats

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Cheats are special options in Perfect Dark that affect appearances or gameplay when enabled, usually to make the game easier. Only one cheat is available by default (though that one isn't a true cheat). Some of these cheats originated from the game's spiritual predecessor, GoldenEye 007.

Cheats may be unlocked when its criteria is satisfied, but most are usually when the player completes a mission under a certain time limit and/or difficulty. In the original N64 version, If the player owns both the Game Boy Color version as well as the N64 Transfer Pak, they can use the GBC game to unlock some of the harder-to-aquire cheats immediately. In the XBLA version, if the player owns a physical copy of Perfect Dark Zero, they can install the game onto the Xbox's HDD to unlock the same cheats.

When any cheat is enabled, mission stats will not be saved and locked cheats won't be unlocked even if the criteria to earn them are met. Plus, in the XBLA version, Leaderboard Crowns will also not be earned. The game modes in the Perfect Menu, except Carrington Institute, will display "Cheat", before them. The 'Velvet Dark' cheat is the only exception to this, as it is always available by default.

The Fatboy II is a remake of the incredibly powerful original Fatboy from Supreme Commander 1. The design of the Fatboy has changed, now operating on 4 treads and losing its purpose as a mobile factory, and turning into a long-range offensive tank. The fatboy is primarily an assault unit. It has one of the longest ranges in the game, so put it behind your main force. Do note, it has more power and equal range to the UEF Poseidon Battleship, until the "Stacked Cannon" research upgrade for naval units.

The Air Fortress is a more cost-effective air factory in the late game, producing the same air units as an air factory, at a fraction of the cost and time. It is also a mobile factory, meaning you can launch a surprise air assault very close to your opponents base.

The Universal Colossus in the successor to the Galactic Colossus of the first Supreme Commander . The massive assault bot still uses its predecessor's ability to suck in units with its 'globular grippers', but now has the ability to shoot the debris of units back at the opponent, and when combined with its central 'eye' beam, is a devastating force. The Colossus has one of the largest health reserves of any units or structures in the game, second only to the Cybran Monkeylord Experimental Spiderbot, wielding a massive 67,500 health points!

The Cybranasaurus Rex is the Cybran's major offensive experimental unit, but unlike the King Kriptor or Universal Colossus, it is down and low and can get up-close and personal to an enemy ACU. Though it is smaller than then the other major offensive experimentals, it doesn't lack any fire-power whatsoever. On another note, Cybranasaurus Rexes more firepower and more health than the other major experimentals, so they are a good unit to drop into an enemy's base where it stomps around crushing buildings until it is blown up. This is a very powerful assault unit. It is a building destroyer. Drop it in when you can.

The waterbender wasted no time in the fraction of the moment that she had to spare in preparing her own assault on her blind adversary. Bending was surely no sport to be undertook by those faint of heart or faint of reaction time, at least at the level that these two prodigies among prodigies of minor years were at. Reaching her right forearm loosely outward, she drew a steady and sturdy stream of water from a calm brook. Cool and refreshing from its source, the budding master in the art of waterbending would change that element's nature around to make it hard and piercing, as she sent the stream toward its target. Even with hardly any sleep from the night before, her aim remained precise, and the blind earthbender was knocked off her feet. But it was not before she had sent her own boulder flew back at the waterbender. Unable to dodge in time again, the waterbender harnessed all of her element she had left and promptly froze it, so the rock met the protective ice barrier instead of her.


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