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Mba Degrees Online

You're ready to become a leader and rise to the next level in business. A master's degree in business administration is the step you need to take you further in your professional career and potentially earn a higher salary. A reputable online MBA degree program can be the difference-maker for your future by helping you understand business practices and management skills. This master's in business administration is focused on equipping you with skills and credentials that helps distinguish your value in the business world.

mba degrees online


Problem-solving leaders are required in every industry, and strategic thinking is necessary at every successful company. If you're ready to broaden your business knowledge and advance your career, WGU's MBA program online can prepare you to be an effective leader and produce successful results wherever you go. Your business management career starts here!Our 5,300-plus MBA grads have great jobs and satisfying careers.

In general, it takes around two years to earn an MBA degree. That said, through a competency-based online MBA program like the one offered at WGU, students may be able to earn their degree more quickly, sometimes in 18 months or less.

Yes. You can earn an MBA completely online. This unique model enables students to keep their current job while working toward their degree. Competency-based education models and on-demand classes, tests, and assignments make earning a degree online a valid option for busy working professionals or those with limited access to a brick and mortar university.

Yes. With the growing prevalence and availability of online MBA programs, curriculum and acceptance criteria have become more rigorous. As higher education has moved increasingly to online formats, more employers are respecting online MBAs and finding online MBA grads to possess the skills necessary to add value to their business.

Yes. If you earn an MBA from an accredited and reputable university, it will likely be respected by employers. Many online MBA programs have gained enough of a reputation that employers now seek out graduates specifically from certain online programs and universities.

No. An online MBA is not necessarily easy. While an online MBA may offer more flexibility and accessibility than a typical in-person program, online programs are still competitive and rigorous. Many students, however, find that an online MBA is easier in the sense that it fits more seamlessly into their busy lives, as they can access courses, take exams, and complete projects anywhere they have internet access.

Receiving a degree in business can open a path to a career in many fields. Whether you are looking to get an online MBA, management degree, or business analytics degree, you can find affordable online programs from top universities offered on Coursera.

At SNHU, you'll get support from day 1 to graduation and beyond. And with no set class times, 24/7 access to the online classroom, and helpful learning resources along the way, you'll have everything you need to reach your goals.

With the growing demand for more business professionals with IT expertise, graduates of the MBA in Information Technology Management online program are prepared for a variety of employment opportunities including:

The MBA in Leadership degree coursework by design is readily applicable to your real-world challenges. Taught by business-savvy educators, SNHU's online MBA in Leadership program provides added value for a broad range of positions in a variety of organizational structures from the corporate world to nonprofits and educational institutions.

Take a deep dive into marketing best practices when you earn your Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Marketing at SNHU. Develop a better understanding of consumers and how to market to them, as well as communication strategies that can help your audience take the action you want.Learn more about earning your MBA in Marketing online.

From business development to brand building to event planning, the online MBA in Sport Management gives you a strong foundation in business and management and a real-world perspective on the multibillion-dollar sports industry.

In the MBA in sport management online program, you'll gain a combination of skills that provides a unique competitive advantage: knowledge of the latest trends in sport business and enhanced marketing, analytic and financial skills. These sport management master's program courses give you a solid business management and sports background, positioning you for a high-level career in any of the specialized fields in the industry, including:

An online MBA in Sustainability and Environmental Compliance can help you prepare for a number of career prospects, including with large and small firms, renewable energy and sustainability trade associations, ecological advocacy organizations and municipal and ecological regulatory agencies.

Similarly, Terrell Wong '19MBA, who scored a position working for the L.A. Galaxy's partnership activation team, said Southern New Hampshire University's online MBA program afforded him the flexibility he needed to balance his career and education, in addition to developing the knowledge and skills to prepare him for career advancement.

With no set class meeting times, you can learn on your schedule and access online course materials 24/7. Our online MBA program offers more fluidity around assignment due dates than before and course resources better suited for the on-the-go learner.

Don't have a business background? No problem. Our MBA is accessible to everyone. Interested students must have a conferred undergraduate degree for acceptance, but it can be in any field. Those without an undergraduate degree in business or a related field may be asked to complete up to 2 foundation courses to get started. These foundations cover essential business skill sets and can be used to satisfy elective requirements for the general-track MBA. With foundations, the maximum length of your online MBA would be 36 credits.

Tuition rates for SNHU's online degree programs are among the lowest in the nation. We offer a 25% tuition discount for U.S. service members, both full and part time, and the spouses of those on active duty.

SNHU has been a pioneer institution in online programming since 1995, giving us decades of experience keeping up with the changing landscape of the workforce. With SNHU, you'll benefit from an institution that's led the way in modern education, currently serving over 150,000 learners nationwide.

"All the research I did said go to SNHU," he said. The quality of SNHU's online MBA program was attractive, as was the way he could choose courses within the program that fit his already demanding medical career. "As a practicing physician, (it) was exactly what I was looking for. The letters after my name weren't as important. I need the information."

And that's why Southern New Hampshire University revised its Master of Business Administration curriculum in 2021: to create a more affordable online MBA program. The revised degree is an $18,810 tuition investment, making it one of the most affordable MBA programs in the country.

While the specific impact of an MBA on salary or earning potential will vary by person, "that year-over-year salary difference over a bachelor's degree accumulates to a significant amount," said Dr. Kimberly Blanchette, executive director of online business programs at SNHU.

At Southern New Hampshire University, we're on a mission to make higher education affordable. Known for low online tuition rates, the college wanted to make its MBA program even more budget friendly. By revising the curriculum for students starting in 2021, the team also managed to lower the price point to $18,810 in total tuition costs.

When you enroll in an online MBA program at SNHU, you have a goal in mind. So the quicker we can help you finish your degree, the faster you can work on your next plan of action: moving into a role that can take you even further.

Kyle knew he wanted to move from construction sales to advertising technology, but his resume lacked the experience required. So, he made a decision that would change his life: He enrolled in the online MBA in Quantitative Analysis at SNHU, and, a year and a half later, landed the job he wanted.

Online MBA programs allow graduate students to enroll in some of the most prestigious business schools and take coursework from virtually anywhere worldwide. Being a distance learner through an MBA program can reduce costs and enable graduate students to increase their income quicker. This ranking is designed to help future MBA students learn more about how to find the best online MBA program in the United States.

This is the 2023 College Consensus ranking of the top online MBA programs. It is a consensus ranking of the most prestigious online MBA programs available. We combined data from five leading MBA and school ranking systems:

Online MBA students at Michigan receive an active, engaging education designed to help them lead in an increasingly digital world. They get the chance to connect with their professors and classmates in real-time and learn at their own pace. Online students in the state of Michigan get to enroll and gain the advantage of the top name in the area. But because of the virtual format, students all over the country get the chance to leverage the most prestigious MBA brand on their resume. This stellar online MBA program offers the highest level of excellence and accessibility.

The Online/Modular program option fuses online courses with one-week in-person modules in New York. The new Online/Modular option allows graduate students to complete the entire program through online classes and in-person modules. This is less of an online MBA and more of a hybrid approach that combines online learning with in-person courses taught on campus in NYC. This MBA program from NYU is an excellent business program. 041b061a72


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