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Demon Hunter Armor Skyriml

Yes you guessed it I've been playing Diablo again... When I went back to playing Skyrim I got an idea "what if I make a demon hunter build?" I am not actually playing this as I am still finishing a game on a previous build I talked about and created with other wikians. So if anything doesn't work or add up when and if you do this tell me in this post or refer to me, my email and other accounts on media will be in my bio once I update it.

Demon Hunter Armor Skyriml

Background: After the Oblivion Crisis, his family devoted themselves to destroying the oblivion gates in high rock. The tradition continued as Daedra hunters who took the fight to oblivion whenever they got the chance. When the Demon Hunter was in their teens, daedra attacked their Mead hall, killing all but himself and a small amount of others. They fled to Hammerfell, to attempt to contact with their small cave outpost in the northern Alkir, where his family was stationed. There the young demon hunter picked up some techniques on Flame magic from nomadic merchants. Arriving on the outpost, they learned that a skirmish between the outpost and the dominion had led to bloodshed. Now I'm the run. They made it to Bruma, Then Riften. Thinking they could meet up with some vigilants of stendaur. They were relying on a stormcloak escort for protection, and got caught at the ambush. The Daedra hunters were killed off, and the youngster was taken as a prisoner. Hence the main storyline 350c69d7ab


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